2016-12-18 13:34:54 by MrWife


go follow me ok. this is for real. i am no longer mr wife. i mean- waifu and the gang will all still be around, and ill draw waifu here and there, but ive got a new fursona design and a new user. i am just diggin peaches, and i dont know why. they are very tasty, though. 


also, my ex still goes under the name mrs. husband, and it makes me kinda uncomfortable. even though he's more focused on his game and the name of that, other than his user, but it's like,,,i still sometimes hear "how is the mr and mrs doing?", or "where's mrs husband??" and it just.....chips away at my heart!! ya' feel me? i rarely hear it, but it's still there. ;3;'

but follow me on my NEWgrounds (haha badum tss) peachfruit, okay you guys?? if you still want to see my art and watch me try a new style and just...start fresh. heckin' tubular. 

but yeah bye mr wife username lol

(ps: i got a new job so thats been cutting into my art time. i work and then get really tired and sleep a lot lol. or play games...cause work drains the creativity outta' me >:000)

speedpaint video

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hey guys (especially you gamers)

2016-02-18 03:16:59 by MrWife

So, my boyfriend has been working on this game for a couple years now, with MUGEN
and it's a stick figure fighting game
but it's like, fancy and cool as fuck

and he is really sick right now,
but this isn't a guilt trip
it just kind of reminded me because he kept telling me to tell my fans to check out his stuff

which you guys should ;v;

thats the link to his page :3c
if any of you like fighting games n cool character concepts n shit you should give his stuff a like and SERIOUSLY check it out
im not asking any of you to just
like for like, shit
i rly want you guys to just take a look and like it if youre honestly interested

his stuff is so underground because he never posts anything about it anywhere >:V
so im tryna help my bab

thank :3c

(ps he likes criticism and ideas so if u guys have any ideas for characters and stuff pls tell him or me !!

and he has newgrounds [MrsHusband] but he doesnt update itmuch, but pls check out his shiz. hes so good ok, and hes been so proud and im so pROUd but i want other people to be proud too so gO CHECK IT OUTTT)